You're an incredible business owner and you excel at what you do. You're a world class photographer, a top-notch planner or designer, or even a social media manager who knows just the right things to post to get high engagement. The one thing you don't have time for? Learning how to write and execute a Marketing & PR strategy. 

Hi, I'm Dannie, founder of LE Consulting, and I'm here to help! LE Consulting is a Marketing & PR Strategy firm, founded in 2012. We build and aid in executing strategies for busy creative entrepreneurs so they can build awareness and increase sales without having to give up doing what they love. Our goal is to bring you marketing and PR strategies that will help you increase your visibility, improve your credibility, and of course, drive sales.

I work with you 1:1 to make sure that you have a plan and everything that you're investing time and energy in has a clear purpose and a desired result. Let's chat about how we can drive sales and create brand loyal customers and clients that never leave your loyalty loop! 

Are you a graduate of one of our e-courses? We're pleased to announce that we now have a course graduate badge for your social media or website!